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Our vision is to be at a trade show from the convenience of your home location and connect globally. Yes, you are getting it correct. This is a virtual trade show where you can showcase your products and services while connecting to the global audience.

This will be one of our flagship products where we create a virtual platform to from letting business globally engage from their home locations and prospect business meeting and arrangements.

We do not resist the conventional practice but promote innovation and out of the box thinking. We do have a listing of trade shows and seminars that you can set your calendar too.

The Tradeshows and seminars will help you to understand doing business globally. Organising and structuring your business. A better understanding of policies, ethics, technologies, and process for business management. Let you develop a global network for business benefits. it will help you interpret the markets around you locally, regional and global.

The tradeshow section on our web portal will be your remote window to understand the market and business scenarios around you with a global perspective.

We will also bring you participation opportunities with our planned tradeshow where you can interact with business in different countries. These tradeshows and seminars will be aggressively priced for the SME segment as our vision is to bring advanced and most recent business process and tools and technology to the SME globally.

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