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American Global Business, Inc is a resource of local, national and international trade and services exclusively accessible to registered members. Member companies will be exposed to a listing of  trade and services which is accessible to fellow members through various types of media such as American Global Business Online Platform, American Global Business Television (AGB TV), American Global Business Radio (AGB Radio), American Global Business Magazines, E-Zines, Weekly and Monthly Newsletters, Local, National and Global Networking Events, Global Expo’s and Conferences.

AGB provides companies from United States and all parts of the world with secure worldwide exposure to a group of companies with integrity. AGB gives members the security and confidence in establishing business relationships with prospective suppliers, customers and partners. The membership system eliminates false offers and inquiries. It is resistant to various kinds of scams which is common in today`s world of emails and global information highway.

AGB has a great potential in the United States and around the world to harvest new members from various trades, manufacturing and services.

For example Asia is known for its quality labor at a very competitive price. Asia exports various kinds of products worldwide and is also known as a global provider of technology, services such as call centers, medical transcriptions, outsourcing of various tasks such as architectural and structural designs, data encoding, etc.

Small, medium and large scale businesses in the United States and around the world, both in trade and services, are in need of better channels for exposure to compete with the big companies whose networks are already established. AGB can open the doors of many companies to a wider array of business opportunities through its 21st Century Global Business Community. 

M. I. Khan, Ph.D., President and CEO of American Global Business, Inc., cites expense and a lack of resources as the factors that keep small businesses from taking the global plunge. So, what are some of these "barriers and solutions to entry"? Whether it`s through the Internet or a personal contact, business owners seeking to go global must create a presence in the international marketplace.

  • Small businesses face language barriers -- Brochures, product manuals and other information must be understood in various languages.
  • Extensive and often expensive research must be conducted. Whether looking for international suppliers or learning about companies abroad, businesses need to be in the know.
  • Your culture competency must be up to par.  Whether considering company names, slogans or making personal contacts, knowing what`s culturally acceptable is paramount.
  • It`s clearly no surprise why the global marketplace can seem daunting to smaller businesses. However, companies such as American Global Business, Inc. and American Global Business Management Consulting Services are making a big task much smaller.
  • Small-to-medium-sized businesses from different parts of the world must unite, communicate and sell their products and services to anyone on earth who has access.

American Global Business, Inc., does just that. Businesses join the company as members and have access to other members and partners, advice, suppliers worldwide and exposure to global markets through marketing.

This innovative, business-community approach is creating local, national and global success for small businesses and changing the way small businesses do business in a big, global way. American Global Business, Inc introduces all of this comprehensive information through our website

Product & Services of American Global Business, Inc.:
American Global Business Store

With American Global Business store we bring you the convenience of E-commerce for an exclusive premium shopping for all your daily needs.

You will experience our premium brands and be able to shop global products in your local region. Luxury, modern styles and ethnicity bundled in a contemporary look is what our fashion brands will bring to you. Your experience at our store will keep on driving you back to the store. As you walk back you will be greeted with an experience customized to your needs.

American Global Business Fashion and Design Brands

Here our vision is to connect you with an experience of high end and premium luxury items straight from our premium studios. We understand that fashion and style and the importance of being an individual, standing out with elegance. Each of our fashion items are specially designed to global and regional tastes. Our fashion research has helped us bring a niche product which is customized and tailored to the style and design needs of one and all.

Educational / Training Seminars

Education is at the core of every success. It connects us with knowledge and skills. Today this is one of the most important journey of us all. Education has helped us progress and live as a society.

With the growing population and globalization of everything, education too needs a look over. At American Global Business we have programmed training material to re-skill people at selected age groups for a multi-level effect and personal growth

When at school we help you identify the talent within you….

@college / university we get together with you to develop skills and knowledge and connect with the industry that your learning will be for….

@Work we help you re-skill yourself for growth and progress…


Conference to Educate Business on How to go Global

Business communities and governments alike with their entire eco-system are crossing their regional boundaries and targeting markets way beyond their local horizons. These are the first steps towards a global market. Technologies of today help you reach-out, connect, speak, view and experience from the comfort of your regional location without the need to physically travel..

The demands for products and services in one geographic region are met with supply from multiple locations and today with globalization you have a choice for supply.

With American Global Business we have created tailored content for global expansion of your business and simplified the understanding of rules, regulations and cultural eco-system to help you develop business relationships and carry your business in the global market arena.


How to do Business Globally

  • We have intelligence from our market research to help you plan your business expansion.
  • The understanding of the business ecosystems.
  • Cross-border and regional intelligence for Demand and supply.
  • Business rules and regulations for ethical business registration and execution.
  • Connecting with Business opportunities for mutual benefits like collaborations, market penetrations.
  • Market research & analysis and studies for manufacturing, retail, service.


Monthly Talent Competition

This is an innovative way to collect business ideas and promote the idea and the innovator. We follow the understanding that an Idea is not restricted to any age. Innovation can occur anytime and everywhere. We need to have an eye to detect the happening.

With our Talent Competition, we will progressively reach out to the inner self and let the contestant express his potential in Thinking.

These thoughts will be screened by industry experts who will actually judge the idea and the presentation of the idea. The idea will be evaluated in many folds of requirements, sustainability, adaptability, originality, social impact, conservation of resources to name a few.

Ideas that get the attention of the judges, Industry, policymakers will have the opportunity to cross to the next stage of innovation in the being and a probability of grooming in the business culture for an evolution as a product.

Our mission is to connect the dots and promote innovation, Spot Talent, create opportunities, build understanding for an eco-friendly culture, promote entrepreneurship, sharing and growing..!


American Global Better Business Bureau


This will be a platform where you can get intelligence about a business and its history.

We target SME to be our subscribers and bring them affordable business intelligence for their business.

Our intelligence and verification will help SME have access to knowledge and history to build stronger business expansion and planning goals. Understand and interpret business, growth and derive predictions for business benefits.

Our certification will help build trust between member-business. We will derive the cognitive business intelligence and the business connected with us will have access to these reports to assist in their business decisions.

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