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AC Capacitor

We are specialized in producing capacitor which are metalized polypropylene film capacitor, ac motor run capacitors with more than 20years experiences in china, these high-quality products have obtained the safety certifications of UL,CQC and so on.

Product Code : AC Capacit

Unit Price : $456.00 USD

Flyback Transformer

Product Code : Flyback Tr

Unit Price : $454.00 USD

power cable

Product Code : power cabl

Unit Price : $546.00 USD

Proximity Sensor

we is profissional for various proximity sensor, proximity switch, inductive proximity switch, inductive connector type proximity switch, safety explosion-proof proximity switch, capacitive proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor, photoelectric switch, photo sensor, hall effect sensor, hall sensor, linear position sensor, linear sensor, reed sensor, mirror reflector plate, optical screen sensor, light screen sensor, area sensor, safety light curtains, safety light grids, color code sensor, length sensor, car parking sensor, car alarm system, car security,

Product Code : Proximity

Unit Price : $20.00 USD

Recovery Diode

Product Code : Recovery D

Unit Price : $78.00 USD

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