AGB Educational Talent Competition Guidelines

MARCH 8, 2018

The purpose of this competitions is to celebrate talent in our Global Educational Institutions, only those that permanently reside on Planet Earth are eligible to compete. The Competition is open to individuals and groups of individuals. An individual may submit more than one entry.

Here will be three (3) age divisions. Participants will only compete with those in the same division. Participant’s ages are based on their age as of the 1st of the month when the Competition opens. Divisions

will be Juniors (under 15), Teens/college (16-21) and College/Adult (22 and over).

AGB and affiliations, partners, judges, team members, vendors sponsors and any who contribute to the competition will not be held responsible for any injuries or risks or negative outcome from this competition.

AGB Talent Competition Student Entry

Entries in the American Global Business Inc. talent competition are submitted online and/or email. Components of the application must be included in the online and/or email submission. Components of the application are managed as follows:

1.A brief description or introduction on the subject matter of your entry.

2.The research detailed report should be attached to your description or introduction and emailed as a word or PDF file.

3.All supporting documents should be attached with your email submission.

AGB Talent Competition Important Dates

Competition subject announced on the 10th of the month. Submissions commence on the 10th of the next month. Participants will have until the 10th of the following month to submit their entry. (Example Subjects given March 10th, Submissions begin April 10th and deadline for entry is May 10th) All parts of the application must be received by AGB via email by the 10th day of the deadline month, Talent@GoAGB.com

AGB Talent Competition Selection Process

Eligible submissions are evaluated by experts consisting of Members from the appropriate discipline of the competition topic from around the world. Entries will then be sent on to the judges who will pre-qualify entries and choose the top 10 finalists. Once this is done, AGB will contact finalists and arrange for video or telephonic interviews with the judges. After completion of interviews finalists will be contacted for instructions for next step.

AGB Talent Competition Updates

Participants are encouraged to check the AGB website frequently for announcements during the competition. Www.GoAGB.com

AGB Talent Competition Eligibility Requirements

American Global Business, Inc. will exhibit the research to the experts and participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights with other participants as well as with illustrious members of the topic’s community.

1.Must be student through the duration of competition.

2.Students may enter as a group or as an individual. Students may enter more than one submission in each competition at a time.

3.Students must have legal parental or guardian consent to submit an application for the competition and participate if they’re under the age of 18.

4.Valid, verifiable government issued photo ID and a current, valid school ID is required for competition entry.

5.Exhibit good moral character, be drug and alcohol free, and not convicted of any felonies.

6.Any violations of the above rules will disqualify the participant’s entry.

AGB Talent Competition Risk Assessment


1.In assessing the potential risks that may arise from a child’s participation in a competition AGB must take into account of all factors potentially affecting the well-being of children and young people.


2.AGB prefers to take a holistic approach to the wellbeing to children well-being including the need for the child to be safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.

Risk Assessment

3.While participating safely in well-managed competitions can have many positive benefits for the wellbeing of children and young people, there is potential for children involved in these activities to be exposed to risks to their immediate safety and longer-term wellbeing. For this reason, parents or guardians are asked to take a careful analysis of the risks and potential harms arising from the child’s particular involvement in a competition and to put in place measures to negate or mitigate any possible negative impact on the child’s wellbeing. AGB and affiliations, partners, judges, team members, vendors sponsors and any who contribute to the competition will not be held responsible for any injuries or risks or negative outcome from this competition.

4.The following must be considered with any assessment of the risks.

Individual Needs of the Child

5.Children and young people differ in their vulnerabilities and resilience. Their age, gender, physical and mental capacity, language, maturity, cultural, ethnic and religious background and their previous life experiences can all affect how they might respond to the specific circumstances and nature of a competition. These must, therefore, be considered when assessing the distinct risks to which individual children might be exposed in consequence of their participation in the competition.


6.The autonomy and dignity of the entrants or those taking part in the activity should be respected at all times. This means that valid consent must be in place throughout the competition and a right to withdraw at any point should be made clear to each participant. If an entrant wishes to withdraw from the competition, they must inform authorized AGB management only, in writing.

7.Valid consent may require consent from persons other than the participant, such as parents, or guardians. Children of any age should be regarded as competent to give consent verbally or through their ‘assent’ as displayed in their conduct and willingness to continue in the competition. The behavior of very young children, in particular, should be monitored for signs of unwillingness to continue.

8.When signs are displayed that assent is no longer being given, the parent or guardian must endeavor to resolve any issues for the child such that they may choose to continue under a different set of conditions. If the child still does not want to be involved they may withdraw upon written notice given to authorized AGB Management only.

9.Aspects of the competition that have associated risks, and the mitigation measures proposed, should be explained clearly to the child or young person, and other persons consenting to the child’s participation in the activity, before the child’s consent is signed.

10.In carrying out a risk assessment care must be taken to also consider the following risks:

Injury-environmental hazards

Ill health-exposure to dangerous materials, environments and potential infection

Psychological harms-exposure to damaging behavior and experiences

Lack of adequate management control

Failure to ensure valid consent.

Lack of competent staff and chaperone.

Failure of supervision.

Unsuitable transport arrangements.

In adequate provision for emergencies.

Unwelcome contact-physical or other invasive or abusive contact

11.The nature and extent of risks under these headings and any other aspects of the competition that carry additional risk must be described in the application or risk assessment together with the appropriate measures for their medication.

12.As risks may change in severity and new risks may emerge in the course of a performance or activity, constant monitoring of risks and mitigation measures is a crucial element in safeguarding children and young people.

AGB Talent Competition Entry Rules

1.Research not conducted by the student or team is not eligible for AGB competition. Even if the student was the primary member of a team or conducted one portion of the research, it must still be considered as a part of that other team project and is not eligible for this competition unless the whole team is entering together as a whole. Students may not split a team project and enter in an AGB talent competitions as individuals using that split project.

2.Each student must attest to the following statement before submitting an application:

I certify that, I am at least 18 years of age, or that I am an emancipated minor, or that I possess legal parental or guardian consent to submit the application and participate in the American Global Business, Inc. Talent Competition (for Educational Institutions).

I also am able and competent to submit the application and to abide by and comply with the AGB rules, guidelines and entry instructions. I certify that all of the information provided is correct and complete without omission to the best of my knowledge and I certify that the research report I am submitting is my own individual work or that of the Team (if entering as a team). It is understood that I/we are responsible for all aspects of the works authenticity: the research, the application, and all other documentation in the application process, as well as any presentational power points or displays.

I attest that all of the submissions are exclusively my work in substance and in presentation. I further understand that fraud, misconduct, misrepresentation of work or attribution thereof, or violation of the rules and or eligibility requirements may result in disqualification and forfeiture of any awards. That AGB reserves the right in such cases to bar future participation in AGB programs. I agreed to accept the decision of the judges as final and understand that my application and research report will not be returned to me but shall become the sole property of American Global Business, Inc.

I also agree to permit AGB to use all of the information contained in my application in anyway deemed appropriate for publicity purposes. I certify that I have read and fully understand all the rules of eligibility requirements found in the American Global Business, Inc. talent competition entry rules and instructions and that I have complied with all the rules and meet the eligibility for submitting this AGB entry.

3.AGB uses plagiarism detecting software to authenticate AGB talent competition entries. Every entry is individually reviewed by the software and any questionable cases receive a second

review by an AGB advisor to determine whether the entry is in violation of rules and guidelines. Submissions found to be in violation of the originality rules will be notified and will not be awarded entrance status, nor will they receive the benefits associated with being an entrant.

4.The practice of mentor/adult compensation based on a student’s results or placement in the AGB talent competition is prohibited. Any such compensation will render the student entry in eligible for consideration and will be grounds for the revocation of any award already made.

5.APPLICATION CONTENTS: each participant must include the following:

Basic information

High School information

Activities, interests and awards

Previous research

Project research description

Email project report. To include texts all appendices, tables and charts etc. Students should be able to select a report format or style that is appropriate for their discipline.

6.Submitted status: applications are not fully submitted and will not be excepted unless emailed in their entirety by the deadline date. Participants will know that they have been accepted and their entries have been received, when they receive a confirmation email.

7.Participants must be in compliance with all local, national and international rules and regulations as pertains to their project, submissions, eligibility, age restrictions, local governing laws, etc.

Academic Integrity

American Global Business, Inc., similar schools, colleges and universities across the world, expect that students hold themselves to rigorous ethical standards, both academic and personal. Responsibility for integrity in scholarship is inherently the scholar’s, including the student scholar.

Students must be responsible for all aspects of their work’s authenticity: the research, the application, and all other documentation. The required signature box asks the participant to attest to every statement, and by their signature, claim each one to be true or understood. It also attests that materials submitted are exclusively the work of the participant in substance and in presentation. Note that it additionally attests that no mentor of an AGB participant may be compensated based on a participant’s performance in the AGB Talent Competition. The responsibility and privilege to present independent work in conformity with AGB rules rests with the participant.

If a determination is made at any point that a participant has violated rules and or misrepresented work or attribution thereof, AGB reserves the right to disqualify the entry, withhold and/or withdraw awards and/or exclude the participant from participating in future AGB competitions.

Intellectual Property

Independent research for the AGB Talent Competition may produce findings that are the intellectual property(IP) of the participant. Participation AGB Talent Competition requires disclosure of methods and results; they will be made available to the public. If participants are concerned about the protection of IP, they are urged to consider these issues before entering the AGB Talent Competition. The exhibition, posting, and judging process will not be modified in deference to journal embargoes or other considerations.

Conditions of AGB Talent Competition Awards

All awards will be given in the year they are awarded, if the student has provided the necessary documentation to process the award, which may be of monetary value. Awards not dispersed within one year of the award date will be subject to forfeiture.

For individual awards, of monetary value, greater than or equal to $20,000, annual payments may be made. The awardee must be an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing to receive payments, must be received no later than six years after the award is made and must conclude within eight years of matriculation from high school. Initial payments will commence once the student has provided the necessary documentation and consent to provide payment. The awards not dispersed within the dates noted above will be subject to forfeiture.

American Global Business, Inc. may approve, at its discretion, the extension of the payment schedules noted above if the student provides a request in writing detailing his or her individual circumstances. AGB reserves the right to deny any such request.

Please note: United States of America Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations require that AGB file IRS form 1099, for miscellaneous income, for recipients of award monies which total $600 or more during the calendar year. Award recipients will receive their copy of form 1099 in January, of the year following the award payments are made.

Thank you.

Corey Chivers
Director of Corporate Communication

Tel: 702-240-9700 Ext 400
Email: Corey@GoAGB.com